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Curriculum Overview

The treatment program at St Anne’s Home is designed to provide residential rehabilitation services to female clients in a calm and peaceful setting.  Our program works with clients (age 19 or older) recovering from chemical dependency, preparing them to begin a new life physically, mentally, emotionally, vocationally, and spiritually, in an atmosphere of caring and acceptance.

Key Characteristics of St Anne’s:

State Certified – St. Anne’s Home is certified as a low intensity residential treatment program.

Gender Specific Treatment – Our clients are all women and have the desire to maintain long term sobriety. St. Anne’s Home works closely with pregnant women, women with dependent children, and IV drug users.

Individual Treatment Plans – Our treatment plans are individualized for each client. Average length of stay at St. Anne’s Home is 3 months. This will vary depending upon each client’s progress with their treatment plan.

Residential Recovery – As a supportive low intensity program our clients are allowed to obtain employment, actively engage in volunteer work, and attend college or trade school. Clients are encouraged to participate in religious or spiritual services of their choice. We strongly encourage our clientsbuild a support system within the recovery community.

Home Environment – We provide food, clothing (if necessary) and shelter in a clean, well-maintained and respectful home-like environment; one that openly gives acceptance and support for a lasting recovery.

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