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Volunteer and Make a Difference

Volunteer Groups – For small groups (civic clubs, church groups, etc.) that are looking for volunteer opportunities for their group, they should contact St Anne’s Home at (205) 933-2402.
Individual Volunteers – If you are looking for a special opportunity to make a real difference in the lives of individuals, please consider the following volunteer opportunities:
Apply to become a member of the Board of Directors
The board meets each month, provides oversight and direction to the operation of St Anne’s Home, and assists with fundraising.
Assist with marketing and communications
Assist with the design of the St Anne’s web site and various marketing and presentation materials.
Volunteer as a class instructor
Special one-time or periodic classes in various topics, such as crafting projects, preparation of special dishes, etc..  Weekly aerobics or exercise classes are also excellent.
Assist as a special events coordinator
Assistance with the planning, preparation and hosting of various events, such as Open House events, Christmas Celebrations, Fundraising Events, etc.
Volunteer as a client legal advocate
Our clients, unfortunately, arrive at St Anne’s Home with a array of pending legal issues which must be resolved one-by-one.  We have an excellent working relationship with the courts, but resolving these issues can be a time-consuming and lengthy process.  Volunteer assistance in this area would be very helpful.
Assist clients with post-graduate issues
As clients approach graduation from St Anne’s and re-entry into the community, securing their basic needs is sometimes a problem.  St Anne’s offers transitional support for all graduate clients.  This support includes securing (1) affordable housing, (2) adequate employment, and (3) reliable transportation.  Qualified volunteer assistance in these areas would be very helpful.
Help with routine house maintenance issues as they arise.  This is a very big need.
With a house that is well over 100 years old and occupied full-time by 16 residents, routine maintenance seems to always be an issue.  Volunteer support in the following areas would be outstanding: (1) electrical repair, (2) plumbing repair, (3) basic carpentry, (4) appliance repair, (5) heating & air conditioning repair, (6) painting (interior), (7) painting (exterior), and (8) landscaping.

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