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Frequently Asked Questions

For information concerning the cost to attend St Anne’s Home, visit the Admission Requirements page.

No. St Anne’s does not have the necessary facilities to accommodate minor children, plus with the intense and structured focus of our program on the client’s recovery, caring for minor children would be impossible.

Residents are not allowed to use the phone the first 30 days, unless they have minor children.  Residents are allowed to call their minor children once a week for the first 30 days.  A designated semi-private house phone is used for all calls.
After the successful completion of the first 30 days, two ten-minute personal calls are allowed a day on the house phone, which is located in a semi-private area.  A designated semi-private house phone is used for all calls.
As a client progresses in the program and if they are in good standing, the use of a personal cell phone may be allowed, but it can not in any way be a disruption to the focus on recovery.  A cell phone, if allowed, must be used only during a client’s free time.

On the second Sunday of residency, a client is eligible to have family visitations on Sundays from 2:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m.

After successful completion of the first 30 days and if the client is in good standing, a day pass may be available on either Saturday from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. or from 10:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m., or on Sunday from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

After 30 days of successful completion and if the client is in good standing, at the discretion of the Executive Director, a weekend pass may be available, starting on Friday at noon and ending on Sunday at 5:00 p.m.

Yes. St Anne’s operates on a Credit System where residents receive 15 credits upon admission. Credits are utilized for day and weekend passes. Credits may be lost due to noncompliance with St. Anne’s rules and policies. Residents do, however, have an opportunity to earn extra credits.

Our client schedule is very structured, with recovery activities scheduled continuously from Monday through Friday.  Participation by each client is mandatory.  Residents are required to attend group sessions each morning, life skills classes in the afternoon, and local recovery meetings in evenings. Residents also attend special events on some nights and weekends.

Yes. Residents are allowed to have a vehicle, as long as they have proof of a valid driver’s license, current car insurance, a tag, and proper registration information.  Residents are not, however, allowed to drive their vehicle for the first two weeks.  For the use of a vehicle after the first two weeks, residents must obtain permission from St. Anne’s Clinical Director.

Yes, but only to a limited degree.  All personal funds are maintained for each resident by St Anne’s Accountant.  A weekly allowance is withdrawn and given to each resident.  The amount of the allowance is determined based upon each resident’s required personal expenditures for the week, such as required clothing, gas, hygiene items, etc.  At the completion of each resident’s stay at St Anne’s, the amount of unused funds remaining on deposit is provided to the graduate to assist in their transition to independent living.

Yes, but not in the home, on the front porch, side yards, or in any areas visible by individuals passing by the home.  Smoking is allowed in the back yard patio area.  Electronic cigarettes are allowed at St Anne’s, but under the same rules as tobacco cigarettes.

No. If someone calls and asks for a St. Anne’s resident, our staff will tell the caller that we cannot confirm or deny that any person is a resident, but they may leave a message, and if that person is a resident at St Anne’s, we will deliver the message to them.

  • No cell phones (unless approved)
  • No MP3 players, iPods, DVDs and/or CD players, laptops, alarm clocks with a radio, or any other handheld electronic devices (unless approved)
  • No perfume or body spray
  • No energy drinks
  • No aerosols of any type
  • No products containing alcohol (hair products, lotions, sanitizer, mouthwash, etc.)

Clothing that is appropriate for daily groups, classes, meetings, and exercise, at least one pair of athletic shoes, and one nice dress-up outfit.

Limits – NO spaghetti straps, tank tops, shorts, skirts, or dresses that are more than 2 inches above the knees , no jeans with holes and/or tears, and no body piercings. Sweats, scrubs, and/or lounge wear can only be worn as bed clothes and only in the client’s rooms.

Towels, washcloths, a pillow, and bed linens (twin-size).

Snack foods, but no sodas. Daily meals are provided. Residents are provided with storage bins for their snack items. At least one month’s supply of prescription medications and two months supply of refills are required.

Basic detergent is provided; other laundry needs are not provided (dryer sheets, stain stick, etc.).

Yes, as a condition of being admitted to St. Anne’s, you must agree to cooperate completely with St. Anne’s Drug Screen Policy.

All new residents will be immediately screened for drugs and alcohol at the time of their initial arrival at St Anne’s. If the drug test is positive, the client will not be allowed into the program.

Residents will be screened for drugs and alcohol upon returning to St. Anne’s from any pass.

Residents must provide a urine sample within 1 hour upon returning to St. Anne’s. The resident must stay in the presence of staff until the drug screen is complete.

If a resident fails to produce a valid urine sample in the time allotted, the staff will consider the test to be positive, and the resident will be discharged.

Random drug and alcohol screens will be performed on a number draw system.

The staff may also request a drug and/or alcohol screen of any resident at any time.

If drug and/or alcohol screen is positive, the resident will be immediately discharged. St. Anne’s has a “No Tolerance” drug policy. However, if the resident is honest with the staff prior to testing, they may reapply to St Anne’s after 90 days. Re-admittance is subject to staff discretion.

If a resident is Court Ordered for treatment at St Anne’s, any positive drug test will be immediately reported to the court.

Yes. A resident may leave at any time, but their space will be immediately offered to the next applicant on our Waiting List.

After a 90-day waiting period, anyone can reapply, but St Anne’s general guideline is not to accept any applications for readmission. Experience has shown that second chances at any treatment facility are very rarely successful. In order to maximize a client’s opportunity for success, another recovery treatment program is a much better alternative. There are, however, rare situations where an exception is appropriate, and a client will be readmitted.

Yes. Due to the physical limitations of the facility, along with the large number of applicants, virtually all approved applicants are initially placed on a “first-come first serve” waiting list for admission. We encourage those that have been placed on the waiting list to not get discouraged, but call a few times each week to check on the status of the waiting list and to let us know they are still interested. Many individuals on our waiting lists gain admission to other programs, and when contacted by us for admission, they tell us of their admission to another program and ask that we remove their name from our waiting list.

For any other questions related to admissions,please  contact our Intake Coordinator at (205) 933-2402, extension 227.  If there is no answer, please leave a message, containing your contact phone number, and we will return your call.

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