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Women’s Recovery Center

Women are affected differently by addiction and the recovery process than men. Women are more likely to:

  • Addiction progresses faster in women than in men.
  • have more mental health issues as a result of their addiction
  • encounter a variety of roadblocks to receiving assistance
  • Benefit from various sorts of recovery assistance

In establishing the most effective treatment plan for each woman who seeks our help, we take into account these and many other gender-specific concerns. Women’s needs and concerns are addressed by the Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation’s gender-specific addiction treatment.

Recognizing Your Situation

Too many women are prevented from taking an honest look at their drinking or other drug use by denial, fear, and shame. The Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation will help you understand your unique circumstances and assess whether a women’s treatment program is right for you, using expert knowledge and complete confidentiality.

If alcohol or drug addiction treatment is suggested, our multidisciplinary care team will build a tailored recovery plan for you that takes into account a number of aspects, including:

  • Physical well-being
  • Mental well-being
  • Gender
  • Ties within the family
  • Drugs used

Our women’s addiction treatment programs provide a safe, friendly environment in which you can explore sensitive themes while participating in:

  • Individual guidance
  • Counseling in a group
  • Presentations that are instructive
  • Peer conversations and activities

At our inpatient addiction treatment centers, we keep women and men in separate rooms.

When Extra Help Is Required

Addiction is frequently accompanied by complicating problems like as mental health issues such as depression, anxiety, or trauma. Our doctors take a holistic approach to your health, addressing all associated conditions with the proper therapies, services, and drugs.

We Are With You for Every Step

Learning to live differently in order to regain and preserve your health and independence from addiction entails learning to manage a chronic disease. Our assistance and support will continue after you have completed your treatment. To aid your recovery, you will be given a specific continuing care plan. Recommendations could include the following:

  • Therapy that is continual
  • Assistive groupings
  • Services tailored to women’s recovery

Alcohol, Women, and Addiction

Stopping drug or alcohol use is never too late. Women’s rehab is available at all hours of the day, and some treatment centers even accept new patients right away. If you’re not sure which program is best for you, call a helpline or look for a directory to learn more.

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